Preventive Maintenance Special

Preventive maintenance is the most cost effective way to keep your repair bill down. Mph Automotive Services offers a comprehensive multipoint preventive maintenance program at a very low cost to keep you and your family safe on the road. 
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Engine Compartment / Interior

Battery securely fastened
Brake fluid: level, fluid fresh, system bled
No visible fluid leaks (gas, oil, coolant, hydraulics)
Coolant system: level, condition if hoses, no leaks
Mirrors: left-hand exterior & interior required
All V-belt: properly tightened, inspect for wear, cracks, fraying
Brake lights: all working
Brake pedal: firm
Throttle linkage: no sticking/sloppiness
Windshield wipers:working/condition
Pressure test radiator cap

On Lift and Under Car

Steering linkage and suspension: No excessive play. Suspension mounting: no cracks or excessive rust.
Check wheel bearing for excessive play.
Check half-shaft bolts for looseness
Exhaust: no under car leaks.
Brake pads & calipers: Adequate pad thickness (at least 1/2 pad left). Rotors within factory specs. Calipers working roperly. Hoses, lines, calipers clean and dry.
Condition of tires, both sidewall and tread. Minimum of2/32" tread. H, V, or Z speed rating recommended.
Check rear engine & transmission seals for excessive seepage.
Check for hydraulic leaks at wheels and clutch slave cylinder.
Check transmission and differentioal fluid levels
Wheels not bent, no cracks


Windshield free of large cracks
Seat belts: both front seat belts are properly operable and in good condition. NOTE: Equal restraints must be available for driver and instructor.
If roll bar: adequte padding requaired on all roll bar/cage installation at any possible contact with driver or passenger